Council President Wesson secured $1 million dollars in state funds to refurbish Leslie Shaw Park.

As you can see, construction has begun on the full refurbishment of Leslie Shaw Park!

Beginning of construction


Since 1974 Leslie N. Shaw Park has been the only open space serving the 26,000 residents of Jefferson Park, a historic neighborhood in the West Adams area of Los Angeles. The park, adjacent to the Jefferson Park Public Library, consists of open green and bricked space, an old children’s playground with sand, and a few benches. Over the years, the park has served as a venue for community events and musical performances. The park has inadequate shade in the summer, and the park has excessive concrete and hard surfaces as well. There is no fencing to keep small kids from running toward the street. The park does not have a walking path or exercise equipment. There are no picnic tables or grills for families to enjoy a cookout on the weekend. (At nearby Benny Potter Park, picnic tables are frequented by city employees taking their lunch break during the week, which increases the safety and friendliness of that park.) Despite the fact that it is the nearest open green space for a large neighborhood, the park is currently under-utilized. The 39 year old park and playground is in serious need of an upgrade and better amenities.

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