2014-07-28 LSP Meeting Minutes

Leslie Shaw Park Fundraising Committee

7/28/2014 6:30 PM

Jefferson Park Branch Library

Attendees: Sandra Pruitt, Norman Gilmore, Debra Varnado, Mary Johnson, Rosie Brown, Steven Rowe, Miriam Fernandez, Denise Burgher, Albert Lord.


MOTION: Norman Gilmore moved to approve the agenda, with the addition of an item 1 to elect a Chair of this committee.

Steven Rowe seconded.

Vote: Motion passed.

Elect Chair

MOTION: Norman Gilmore moved that Sandra Pruitt to serve as Chair of the Leslie Shaw Park Fundraising Committee.

Steven Rowe seconded.

Vote: Motion passed.


Fundraising Strategy

Norman Gilmore presented the following strategy for discussion.

In order to raise the $500,000 necessary to completely overhaul Leslie Shaw Park, we need to first show major funders such as Foundations and Corporations that the community is solidly behind this project. And we need the full support of Council President Herb Wesson of Council District 10.

There are two main ways we can show community support: Gather petition signatures to show support, and raise funds for Leslie Shaw Park (to be held by LA Parks Foundation.)

We ask the community to set a goal of raising the $30,000 to pay for the exercise equipment.

The expected length of this capital campaign is two years, starting from this meeting.

MOTION: Norman Gilmore moved that the LSP Fundraising Committee adopt the strategy presented.

Steven Rowe seconded.

Vote: Motion passed.

Fundraising Plan

The following fundraising plan was presented and discussed.

1.       Develop a flyer that does a great job of explaining why this project is a good idea.

2.       Start gathering petition signatures and donations from Jefferson Park residents to raise awareness of the potential to upgrade Leslie Shaw Park.

3.       Every time 250 additional signatures or 50 donations are made, update CD10 and Rec and Parks Partnership Division to show level of community support.

4.       Work with Partnership Division at Rec and Parks to request support from local corporations

5.       Donate a Bench for $3000 each and Donate a Picnic Table for $10,000 each (with dedication).

6.       Work with LA Parks Foundation and Partnership Division to find a corporation willing to Adopt-a-Park for $50,000 with one year of recognition, renewable.

Committee Member Roles

The following list of committee member roles was presented and discussed.

Leslie Shaw Park Fundraising Committee Members choose at least one of the following goals as their contribution:

1.       Raising $1000 from 25 Households or 10 Businesses

2.       Getting 100 petition signatures

3.       Contacting USC Schools, professors, and students and have meetings to get support of grad students as writers or publicists

4.       Contacting UCLA Schools, professors, and students – to get support of grad students as writers or publicists

5.       Writing and pitching stories (PR) to 5th Avenue Times, Neighborhood News, Sentinel, LA Weekly, LA Times

6.       LA Parks Foundation liaison

7.       Liaison to Partnership Division at Rec&Parks for Corporate Fundraising and manage list of corporations and foundations that have been contacted.

8.       Write and submit a grant application

9.       Writing copy for flyers/website/email/twitter

10.   Professional level photography for publicity and marketing

11.   Design flyers & banners to promote fund-raising

12.   Contribute printing or funds needed to produce banners and marketing materials

Committee Membership Rules

The following rules were presented and discussed.

1.       Committee members agree that they shall not solicit or collect cash donations for Leslie Shaw Park.

2.       Checks must be made out to the “LA Parks Foundation” and mailed in the official envelope.

3.       Committee members must provide official LA Parks Foundation envelopes to potential donors.

4.       Committee members understand that Leslie Shaw Park Fundraising Committee is an unincorporated association, and not connected with United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council or any government entity.

MOTION: Norman Gilmore moved that the LSP Fundraising Committee adopt the Fundraising Plan, Committee Member Roles, and Committee Membership Rules as presented.

Steven Rowe seconded.

Vote: Motion passed.

Steven Rowe volunteered to write a 500 word article for the West Adams Heritage Association newsletter, and will coordinate with Sandra Pruitt and Norman Gilmore and Laura Meyers on that.

The next meeting was scheduled for August 11, 2014.

Minutes by Norman Gilmore