Jefferson Park Statistics

Jefferson Park is a historic neighborhood in Los Angeles, bounded by Adams Boulevard and Rodeo on the north and south, and Crenshaw Avenue and Western Avenue on the west and east sides for a total area of about 1.38 square miles.

Jefferson Park 2010
Population 26,000
Median age 34
Population age 0-14 6,400
Average family size 3.8
Median household income $31,247
Per capita income $13,728
Source: ESRI Community Analyst

According to the 2000 US Census data, within the 90018 boundary, which contains Jefferson Park, there were 8,844 individuals with a physical, sensory, mental, or self-care disability, which represents about 18.8% of the population. We do have a concentration of senior housing, as well as group housing facilities in our neighborhood. By way of comparison, the comparable statistic for Westwood (90024) is about 10%, and Beverly Hills (90210) is about 13.8%, and the statewide ratio is about 9.2%.

Notably, nearly 600 children in 90018 have a physical, sensory, mental, or self-care disability, which is a dramatically higher rate than other areas such as 90024 (Westwood) and 90210 (Beverly Hills).

The Census ACS 2007 data also shows about 1400 veterans in the 90018 boundary.