Sandra Pruitt organized three community meetings to discuss potential upgrades to Leslie Shaw Park.

The initial meeting was November 15, 2012 at the Jefferson Branch Library.

Sandra invited Mike Shull, Superintendent of the Planning, Construction, and Maintenance Division of Recreation and Parks, and Dana Valdez, Community Program Director at Recreation and Parks.

Mike Shull and Dana Valdez listened to community input and also provided their advice about what would work in the park. Recreation and Parks has been interested in upgrading this park. Among other reasons, the use of sand in the play area is more maintenance intensive than the softer rubberized surfaces now being installed.

Mike and Dana offered the following play structures for Leslie Shaw Park. These structures have already been purchased and are waiting for a park.

Proposed play structures for Leslie Shaw Park

Everyone generally felt the playground above was very nice and would be a great upgrade.

At the January 10, 2013 follow up meeting, Mike Shull and Dana Valdez presented a drawing prepared by a city architect which incorporated community suggestions from the November meeting. Dana Valdez returned on February 21, 2013 with Ramone Barajas (Superintendent, Dept. of Rec and Parks) and presented this revised drawing incorporating the feedback from the January community meeting.

Proposed design layout for Leslie Shaw Park

This view shows how the park would look from the street with the above design:
Front elevation of proposed design for Leslie Shaw Park

The consensus community requests were:

  1. Upgrade to new playground equipment with built in shade.
  2. Include a swing set in the new design
  3. Walking path around perimeter.
  4. Several fitness equipment stations.
  5. Low attractive fencing around playground to keep kids from running into street. Lower fence on Prescott Court side as well.
  6. Several scattered picnic tables and BBQs. Some game tables as well (e.g., chess).
  7. Shade trees that provide some shade at tables and the playground on summer afternoons.
  8. An event space, arranged so that the audience faces the brick building on the west. Picnic tables should be located so that accessing catering does not interrupt audience view of the stage location. (place tables closer to playground)
  9. Landscaping, slopes and mounds placed as necessary to define the audience area for the event space and to make large turf areas unattractive for team sports such as soccer (which destroy the turf and overwhelm other park uses in a small park).
  10. Good lighting (for both visual appeal and security).
  11. Update the water fountain.

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